Sustain is a network of municipalities, organizations and other networks. It works alongside government, business and community stakeholders to be a national voice supporting the transition to a healthy sustainable food system. It collaborates with networks and organizations nationally and globally as part of an emerging food moment.


Sustain was formed out of the Food Alliance., which was founded in 2009. Using the Circles of Food methodology and through extensive consultation across 2014 and 2015, the network developed Urban and Regional Food Declaration. It is now the central guiding expression of Sustain’s activities as it seeks to embed a food systems approach into the work of local communities and local councils.

Sustain is registered Health Promotion Charity, with Deductible Gift Recipient and Tax Concession Charity status. Donations made to support our work are tax deductible.

The ‘Circles of Food’ Project

The Circles of Food Project is an initiative of the Sustain: The Australian Food Network (formerly the Food Alliance.)

The Food Alliance, based in Australia and founded in 2009, was a thought-leader in the field of sustainable, healthy and resilient food systems. In continuing this legacy, Sustain’s work is underpinned by the methodology Circles of Social Life approach, developed by the Metropolis (the World Association of Major Metropolises) and the UN Global Compact Cities Programme. This approach was adapted for the food sector and offers an integrated method for practically responding to complex issues of sustainability, resilience, adaptation, liveability and vibrancy.

Melbourne farmers market, Williamstown, 2015

Melbourne farmers market, Williamstown, 2015

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